Tailoring the Wine System of the Future WELCOME TO CoLAB VINES&WINES The Vine and Wine Collaborative Laboratory is a wine sector initiative led by ADVID - the Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region, which is the national Vine and Wine Cluster. The Strategic Plan of CoLAB VINES&WINES is based on 2 major challenges:

PORTUGUESE, OF COURSE! Competitiveness - Defining and delivering the Portuguese wines consumers will want to buy.

TOUGHER THAN EVER! Sustainability - Designing and delivering a resilient Portuguese vine and wine system.


CoLAB VINES&WINES, an initiative led by ADVID – the Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region which is the national Vine and Wine Cluster, together with the portuguese viticulture ecosystem, aims to be the ideal partner in the innovation of products, processes and services of companies in the Portuguese wine sector.



– To generate and communicate knowledge and technology that enhances the expressed ambition of the sector to increase the export value.

– Supports the ambition expressed by the sector to increase the export value of Portuguese wines.

– Ensures that the Portuguese wine system becomes more efficient, resilient and flexible in order to respond to climate, demographic and economic challenges.



PORTUGUESE, OF COURSE! Competitiveness – Defining and delivering the Portuguese wines consumers will want to buy.

TOUGHER THAN EVER! Sustainability – Designing and delivering a resilient Portuguese vine and wine system.



The VINES&WINES has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to supporting the wine sector by executing and building value from Research, Development and Innovation initiatives.

2-Catarina Barbosa

Grape & Wine Microbiology and Biotechnology

10-Leonor Pereira
Leonor Pereira

Grapevine Genetic Resources

Micael Santos


3-Manuel Oliveira

Plant Physiology and Phytopathology

Joana Ribeiro


António Pinto


Director of Dão Delegation, PhD

Oenology, Quality & ESG

Dão Delegation


Leonor Oliveira




Main goal: to create a Spatial Data Infrastructure to support decision making that will include climate and agronomic indicators, allowing winegrowers of any location to benefit from the information provided. The project led by Geodouro has ADVID, INESC-TEC and UTAD as co-promoters.


Main goal: to provide innovative forecasting tools (connected and with digital access) for wine-growing SMEs, whose objective is to evaluate production and access data from international markets. This is a project developed by the partnership of entities from France, Spain and Portugal.


Main goal: to create an innovative technological service for the monitoring of vineyards, which will allow SMEs in the SUDOE region to monitor their vineyards in real time, remotely and taking into account various levels of accuracy (grape, plant, plot and farm).


Main goal: project approved by the program Fundo Ambiental, with the purpose of developing a training and environmental education program adapted to different audiences. Its purpose is to promote and publicize the best that is already being done in viticultural ecosystems, regarding the conservation and protection of biodiversity.


Main goal: international initiative approved and funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme, which aims to offer integrated, innovative, and viable solutions to reduce the use of copper while promoting environmentally sustainable production.

ABCyeasts – yeasts for biocontrol of pathogens in viticulture

Main goal: to investigate and develop innovative products, based on yeasts, with antagonistic action against phytopathogenic agents present in the vineyard, biotrophic and non-biotrophic fungi, as well as microorganisms that contaminate post-harvest grapes.

Conservation and Selection of Old Vine Varieties

Main goal: to promote the conservation of the intravarietal variability of grape varieties and in the selection of dozens of those considered most important at national level.
*collaboration with the Portuguese Association for Vine Diversity (PORVID).

OPP38 – New grape varieties for new wines – in search of the secrets of the natural evolution of the Portuguese vine

Main goal: to develop studies and analyses of collections of vine genotypes recovered mainly from old vineyards throughout the country.

Taste&Feel Portugal
Taste&Feel Portugal

Main goal: to promote the internationalisation of the agro-food sector in articulation with the wine tourism sector, boosting the increase in exports of more sophisticated and differentiated goods and services linked to the territories, endogenous products and the rural world, and reinforcing the international competitiveness of North, Centre and Alentejo SMEs in this sector.

GrapeMicrobiota – Metabolome-microbiota interactions in 3 grape varieties from the Douro Region

Main goal: to adopt an innovative strategy to characterize the microbial community of 3 grape varieties from the Douro DOC region, targeting the selection of relevant strains to be used as starter cultures in the production of regional wines with strong imprint of the terroir, adding substantial value to local resources and contributing to the local (and global) improvement of the economic sector.

RedWine – Use biogenic gaseous carbon to increase feedstock availability for the industry *

Main goal: to increase the availability of microalgae biomass through the valorization of gaseous and liquid wine waste.
* CoLAB VINES&WINES participates in the advisory board of this project.

ReWine| Re-design, Re-adapt and Re-invent, towards a Circular Economy
ReWine| Re-design, Re-adapt and Re-invent, towards a Circular Economy

Main goal: Objective: to promote the good practices of Circular Economy already implemented by some companies in the wine sector and to contribute to an active citizenship in this area.

EPAWI – European Partnership for Auxiliary Wine industry Innovation
EPAWI – European Partnership for Auxiliary Wine industry Innovation

Main goal: to launch and consolidate the Wine Innovation Cluster Alliance – WICA, an European strategy for innovation in the grape&wine value chain, which will promote the internationalization of the auxiliary companies of the wine industry through the creation of a network of SMEs with the purpose of knowing the market and its innovation trends.

OmicBots: High-Throughput Integrative Omic-Robots Platform for a Next Generation Physiology-based Precision Viticulture

Main goal: development of a technological solution for an economically efficient and ecologically sustainable vineyard. The case study for this project is the Douro region, which is more vulnerable to climate change.

ReCROP – Bioinocula and cropping systems: na integrated biotechnological appraoch for improving crop yield, biodiversity and resilience of Mediterranean agro-ecosystems
ReCROP – Bioinocula and cropping systems: na integrated biotechnological appraoch for improving crop yield, biodiversity and resilience of Mediterranean agro-ecosystems

Main goal: redesign Mediterranean farming systems for greater resilience and productivity by focusing on the development of sustainable agricultural production systems through the combined use of biotechnological tools and environmentally friendly agronomic practices.

WaterFlow – Water stress remote assessment

Objective: Development of a low-cost sensor network that allows spatially assessing water stress in a vineyard in real time.

Working Group – Touriga Francesa

Objective: the withering that occurred in the 2020 Viticultural Year, with greater incidence on the Touriga Francesa variety, led to the creation of the working group. which results from the collaboration of ADVID/CoLAB VINES&WINES with various business and scientific associates. The implementation and monitoring of the plant physiology trial has been supported by UTAD (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro) and will also have the support of UM (University of Minho), with regard to laboratory components.


Innovation in the Knowledge and Technology Transfer in the Wine Sector. RRN Technical Assistance – Area 4 – Observation of agriculture and rural territories.
Objective: transfer knowledge and technology to the agricultural, agrifood and rural development sectors, with a view to enhancing them by capitalizing on information and project results in priority themes, as well as the development and dissemination of good agricultural practices.


Objective: Develop a monitoring network for the vector insects of X. fastidiosa, particularly Philaenus spumarius, and a risk prediction model that allows the National Agricultural Advisory Service to issue specific alerts for these insects.


Photonic integrated LIDAR and snapshot spectral imagers for scaling up multimodal perception in precision applications

Objective: The RETINA project aims to establish a holistic framework for the development of photonic technologies, wherein specific efforts in next-generation hardware solutions—focused on a new LIDAR solution and low-cost CMOS, InGaAs, and QD spectral imaging generators—will be linked to the creation of a digital infrastructure for the agile and efficient development of perception algorithms based on machine learning.

PRR – Vine & Wine Portugal
PRR – Vine & Wine Portugal

The Mobilising Agenda for Business Innovation Vine & Wine Portugal, which aims to increase the competitiveness and resilience of the vine and wine sector in Portugal, has a dedicated investment in asset training , with 13 training actions planned between March 2024 and December 2025, promoted by ADVID with the collaboration of UTAD.






On July 6th, ADVID/CoLAB VINES&WINES welcomed VIMÉTRICA AGRO, Lda, leader of the INCAFO project – Grape Variety Identification through the Leaf, for an exploratory field trip.

This initiative aimed to present the technology under development, which focuses on a varietal identification system, through leaves, using artificial vision, and the collection of hundreds of leaves of different varieties that will assist in the development of models for identifying them. The logistical aspects of a future collaboration with CoLAB in the development of this project with relevance to the sector were also established, and potential synergies between the two entities were explored.


ADVID/CoLAB VINES&WINES participated in TerClim 2022 – 14th International Terroir Congress and the 2nd ClimWine Symposium with the poster “The potential of multispectral/hyperspectral technologies for early detection of “flavesvence dorée” in a Portuguese vineyard”.

The event, which began on the 4th and ends today, aims to bring together scientists from around the world working in viticultural terroirs, studying their physical, biological and human characteristics, and their links to wine quality. The ClimWine symposium focused on the theme of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies, covering topics from climate prediction to socio-economic considerations.

EPAWI Project: Wine Innovation Cluster Alliance – WICA presented at Enoforum Spain
The Wine Innovation Cluster Alliance – WICA, from the European project EPAWI – European Partnership for Auxiliary Wine industry Innovation, was presented yesterday at Enoforum Spain in Zaragoza.

This was the first of three events to present WICA, a European strategy for innovation in the wine value chain, which aim to inform the public about the project’s objectives and the advantages of being part of this network.

Funded by the COSME Program of the European Union and implemented from September 2021 to September 2024, the EPAWI project counts with the participation of four European clusters: ADVID, Inno’vin, AgriFood & Bioeconomy agency and INNOVI.

Learn more at www.wicabyepawi.com

ReWine is the new educational program developed by CoLAB VINES&WINES

The ReWine project is an educational program that aims to promote good practices of Circular Economy already implemented by some companies in the wine sector and whose contents will be presented over the following months.

The main goal of this project is to contribute to an active citizenship in this field, focused on the awareness that Circular Economy is an important pathway to achieve Sustainable Development.

This initiative is promoted by ADVID/CoLAB VINES&WINES, co-financed by the Environmental Fund and ENEA2020, and is based on the three principles of circular economy – Eliminate waste and pollution, Keep products and materials in use and Regenerate natural systems. 

Re-design, Re-adapt and Re-invent


CoLAB VINES&WINES participated in the 2nd ANNUAL MEETING OF COLLABORATORY LABORATORIES held on the 9th and 10th of November at the University of Aveiro.

The event, organized by ANI, aimed to promote and monitor the activities and progressive evolution of the 35 currently recognized CoLABs, as well as their development in the context of regional, national and European research and innovation strategies.

Access the video of the event here.